Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Loving Prayer for my newborn Niece

My Dearest Brother Digvijay and Prachi 

I was thinking of you both for a lot many days before your baby arrived as I waited for the news! On my way to work and back, I waited and then some more!!  So here is something I've been thinking, and mulling and sort-of wish you too- Now that she's finally here, its here for you, with my prayers and best wishes to your little FAMILY!!

You met one day, 
By the good Lord's will,
and promptly fell in love,
Then marriage vows united you, 
with blessings from above.

The years roll by,
with life on a high,
and loved ones watch and cheer,
you live in joy and love complete, 
now your little darling is here!!

So, wish you wonderful years ahead
and I want to say just this,
May His blessings always shower you all
with Love and Care and Bliss,
and as you gaze upon her face,
and hold her close to your heart,
she fills your lives with amazing Grace,
and this is just a start!!

'Life is Love' and no one else 
can show us this so clearly,
as this little gift of Love in your arms,
that you both hold so dearly!!
God bless this little one,
as she fills your eyes with tears of merry, joyful laughter,
this angelic bundle of delight, your precious little daughter!!

- (this is something I wrote last night for you both)

May you all have a life full of total Joy...she will soon begin to grow and make your hearts just glow with pride at each and every moment! I Pray that all your moments are filled with this little very REAL DREAM!! She will smile, and yawn, cry or sneeze, roll and then crawl, and walk holding your hands,and give you all her love making you feel like the luckiest people in the world!! 

You gaze at the little miracle so perfectly formed, and instantly fall in love again!! Her tiny, perfect hands and toes, her little eyes and downy hair, her baby-smell, her sleepy face, her cuddly, snuggly warmth... As you hold her close and stroke her face, remember how much you were loved by our parents too, and now its your turn- to give it back to the Universe and especially to the proud grandparents!! 
So cherish her, love and share the miracle of parenthood, in all its beauteous glory...
There's nothing quit like LOVE, when it comes to life's story!
I'm sure, in time, she will learn all about life from two of the most loving, adventurous, wise and special parents in the world, YOU TWO! For now, just enjoy her and experience each second with this most special blessing from God-and reflect on how beautiful it is to just BE PARENTS!!! 
I wish you Love and may God bless her, my little niece...!! I wish I were there, to see her now, but I know in my heart it will be soon....

-with all my love,
yours, Ruch

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